What is a whale? Whale is the largest animal that live in sea and very friendly mammal. Whale watching tours provide a wonderful experience to witness the Royal Southern Right whales that comes to the Cape, each season to breed and to produce offsprings. The whale season runs between middle of every year till late in the year (June and November). Huge numbers of whales are seen along the sea coast, particularly the east coast down to the cape peninsular. Whale watching is along the Whale Route, which span along the east sea coast line en route to Hermanus.

The whale route provides the opportunity for the beautiful Fernkloof Nature Reserve, which spread to about 2000 hectares of Mountain and coastal fynbos as well as a large number of birds and little animals in the wild. The Harold porter Botanical Garden is another focus for nature enthusiasts, a trip through the Hamilton Russell wine Estate offers a glimpse in to Hermanus viticulture. A drive through Sir Lowry’s Pass, the sleepy coastal towns of the Whale Route offer a remarkable view of the Cape sea coastline, in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle with unforgettable experience of the cape whale-watching tour.

Hermanus is a destination for whale-watching, it offers a complete view from the shore and a boat based whale watching. Watch as this sea giants of the deep frolic in the wave and spring out of the water. In Hermanus a ‘Whale crier’ is officially on duty during the whaling season and is a popular attraction on whale watching
tours. Positioned at a strategic point, he is able to spot whales and blow its horn to alert onlookers to spot the whales in the Bay. The town was a major whaling location, with its sheltered bay that attract whales to this area each year, Hermanus is a profitable whaling location in South Africa.

The name Southern Right whale, originated from whaling, many centuries ago. The size and its ability to float when harpooned makes a right whale for whalers to catch. Commercial whaling has been banned in the world 20 years ago, these gorgeous animals was classified endangered species. 3000 Southern whales are left in the sea. A unique trait that is fascinating about the Southern Right whale is sailing, the whales use their raised flukes to catch the wind. This character is believed to be a form of play and is commonly seen off the sea coast of South Africa.


  • Hermanus is beautiful town nestled between Sea and Mountains
  • Offers Land based shore whale watching
  • Whale encounter with more close sighting of the southern Right Whale with boat trip ( Optional and Advance booking required)
  • Sir Lowry’s pass drive
  • Cheetahs farm viewing and Encounter( Optional)
  • The Harold Porter Botanical Gardens
  • Lunch at the Shore of Hermanus( Optional)
  • Gordon’s bay, pringle bay and Betty’s bay.
  • Mockey Land

Whale Watching Price Inclusive:

  • All Entrance fees
  • Professional Tourist Guide and Driver
  • Full house Air-Conditional Vehicle/Van
    Luxury Vehicle/Car for Private Tour
  • A Bottle of Natural Still Water on board per person
  • Free Wi-Fi on board


  • Boat Trip/ride
  • Lunch
  • Special Attractions
  • Shopping

Depart Daily: ±09hr00, Return: ±17hr00

Enjoy and Observe the Whales a few meters away from the shore from the world most exciting whale watching area – Dyer Island.